Creating the Perfect Wedding Flower Invitation

Creating the Perfect Wedding Flower Invitation

Creating the Perfect Wedding Flower Invitation

April 30, 2024 wedding invitations

Wedding Flower invitations set the tone for a wedding. Among the myriad styles, flower wedding invitations stand out for their elegance and versatility. These invitations are a beautiful way to signal the start of a new beginning, much like the blooming of flowers signifies renewal and growth. This blog delves into the art of choosing and creating the perfect wedding flower invitation, ensuring your first impression is as unforgettable as your special day.

The attraction of Wedding Flower Invitations

Flower wedding invitations are a popular choice for couples seeking a blend of romance, elegance, and natural beauty. The versatility of floral designs allows for a range of expressions, from classic roses symbolising love and respect to wildflowers representing spontaneity and freedom. The right floral invitation not only previews the theme of the wedding but also conveys the couple’s unique story and style.

Choosing Your Bloom

The key to a captivating wedding flower invitation is selecting the right floral elements that resonate with your wedding theme and personal tastes. Consider flowers that have personal significance to your relationship or those that will feature prominently in your wedding decor. 

Incorporating Florals into Your Invitations

Harmonising Design and Text

The beauty of flower wedding invitations lies in the harmony between the floral design and the invitation wording. Elegant, flowing fonts pair well with soft floral designs, while more graphic or modern floral patterns may call for a cleaner, simpler typeface. This balance ensures that the information is not only beautifully framed but also clearly communicated.

Colour Palettes and Seasonality

The colour scheme of your flower wedding invitation should reflect the overall palette of your wedding and the season. Spring weddings might inspire invitations with soft pastels and watercolour florals, while autumn nuptials could call for richer, deeper colours. The seasonality of flowers can also inspire your design, making your invitations deeply personal and connected to the time of year you choose to say “I do.”

Emma Farwell Designs

When it comes to translating your vision of the perfect floral wedding invitation into reality, Emma Farwell Designs offers expertise and creativity. With over 20 years of experience in designing bespoke, handcrafted wedding stationery, Emma ensures that every invitation is as unique and special as the love it celebrates.

Bespoke Floral Designs

Emma’s approach to creating wedding flower invitations is deeply personal and bespoke. By understanding your vision, favourite flowers, and the nuances of your wedding theme, Emma creates invitations that are not just notices of an event but are artworks that encapsulate the essence of your upcoming union.

Tips for Choosing Your Floral Wedding Invitations

Sample and Compare

Before finalising your invitation design, consider ordering samples to experience the texture, quality, and detail of the paper and printing. Emma Farwell Designs offers complimentary samples, allowing you to feel confident in your choices.

Think Beyond the Invitation

Your wedding stationery suite can extend the floral theme beyond the invitation. Consider incorporating matching designs into your RSVP cards, menus, and thank you notes for a look that carries through from your first announcement to your final gratitude.

Timing and Details

Start the design process early to ensure there is enough time for creation, review, and mailing. Emma Farwell Designs recommends beginning at least six to eight months before your wedding date, ensuring a stress-free experience leading up to your special day.

Ready to Bloom?

Your wedding is a celebration of love, a day that marks the beginning of a new life together. The perfect flower wedding invitation sets the tone for this beautiful journey, inviting your guests to share in the joy and beauty of your love.

With a passion for creating invitations that tell a story, Emma is dedicated to making your wedding invitations as unique and beautiful as your love story itself. Get in contact today to speak to Emma about creating the perfect wedding flower invitation.


Q: How can I incorporate floral designs into my flower wedding invitations for a timeless yet contemporary look?

A: To incorporate floral designs into your wedding invitations for a timeless yet contemporary look, consider blending classic floral motifs with modern design elements. Choose flowers that match your wedding theme and color palette, and pair them with sleek, contemporary typography and layout designs.

Q: What types of flowers are most popular for wedding flower invitations?

A: Popular flowers for wedding flower invitations include roses for their classic beauty, peonies for a lush, romantic look, and lavender for a touch of rustic elegance.

Q: How can I ensure the floral design on my wedding invitation flowers complements the overall decor and theme of my wedding?

A: To ensure the floral design on your wedding invitation complements the overall decor and theme of your wedding, start by selecting flowers that will be featured in your wedding bouquet, centerpieces, or venue decorations.

Q: Can flower wedding invitations be customised to match my specific wedding flowers and colours?

A: Yes, flower wedding invitations can be fully customised to match your specific wedding flowers and colours. Emma Farwell Designs offers bespoke design services that allow you to incorporate the exact types of flowers and shades used in your wedding into your invitation design.

Q: What innovative ways can flowers be incorporated into wedding invite flower designs?

A: Beyond traditional prints, innovative ways to incorporate flowers into wedding invite designs include using pressed or dried flower inclusions, floral cut-outs or laser cuts, embossed floral textures, and watercolour floral illustrations with a three-dimensional effect.

Q: How can I use blue flowers wedding invitations for a unique and elegant look?

A: Blue flowers can add a unique and elegant touch to your wedding invitations, offering a range of colours from soft pastels to vibrant cobalts. Consider incorporating blue floral motifs that match your wedding’s colour scheme or season, such as blue hydrangeas for a summer wedding or navy blue anemones for a winter celebration.

Q: How can dried flower wedding invitations be used creatively?

A: Dried flowers can be used creatively in wedding invitation designs by incorporating them as pressed flower accents within the invitation suite, using them in the design of the paper itself, or attaching them as embellishments to the invitation or envelope.

Q: What considerations should I keep in mind when using dried flowers for wedding invitations?

A: When using dried flower for wedding invitations, consider the durability and size of the flowers to ensure they can withstand mailing. Choose flowers that are flat and small enough to fit within your invitation design without adding bulk.

Q: How can flower border wedding invitations be enhanced?

A: A flower border can significantly enhance the design of your wedding invitations by adding a frame of natural beauty that draws the eye towards your invitation’s key details. Whether you opt for a delicate, minimalist border for a touch of elegance or a bold, colourful floral frame for a more dramatic effect, flower borders can be tailored to match your wedding’s theme and colour palette.

Q: What should be included in a flower wedding invitation suite to ensure an elegant presentation?

A: A flower wedding invitation suite typically includes several components to provide guests with all the necessary information in a cohesive and elegant manner. The core elements are the main invitation card, which announces the wedding details; a response (RSVP) card for guests to confirm their attendance; and an information card with additional details such as directions, accommodations, and the wedding itinerary.

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