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What is considered on the day wedding stationery?

On the day wedding stationery refers to the suite of stationery items used during the wedding ceremony and reception to inform and guide guests and enhance the overall aesthetic of the event. This includes programs outlining the ceremony proceedings, seating charts or escort cards directing guests to their seats, table numbers or names identifying reception tables, menu cards detailing the meal selections, and any signage or decor elements used to complement the venue decor and theme.

What items should be included in an on the day wedding stationery checklist?

An on the day wedding stationery checklist should include the following essential items to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated event:

  1. Ceremony Programs: Outlining the order of events and participants in the ceremony.
  2. Seating Charts or Escort Cards: Directing guests to their assigned seats or tables.
  3. Table Numbers or Names: Identifying each reception table for guests.
  4. Menu Cards: Detailing the meal selections being served during the reception.
  5. Place Cards: Indicating each guest’s assigned seat at the table.
  6. Signage: Including welcome signs, directional signs, and any other informational signs needed throughout the venue.
  7. Decor Elements: Such as table centerpieces, floral arrangements, or decorative accents to enhance the venue’s aesthetic.

How can wedding on the day stationery enhance the guest experience?

Wedding on the day stationery plays a crucial role in improving the guest experience and contributing to the overall atmosphere of the event by providing essential information and adding decorative elements that complement the wedding theme.

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