Creating the Perfect #1 Destination Wedding Invitation

Creating the Perfect #1 Destination Wedding Invitation

Creating the Perfect #1 Destination Wedding Invitation

April 10, 2024 wedding invitations

Planning a destination wedding combines the excitement of travel with the romance of marriage. Considering destination wedding invitation themes match this vibe almost perfectly, and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your search for destination wedding invites not only inform but also excite your prospective guests.

Capturing the Essence of Your Location

The first step in creating your destination wedding invitation is to embody your chosen country/city/town. Whether it’s a sun-drenched beach, a European village, or a mountaintop, your invitations should give guests a glimpse of the setting. Use colours and textures that reflect the location’s beauty, hinting at the exclusive experience awaiting them, making your destination wedding invites truly inviting.

Information is Key

Unlike traditional wedding invitations, those for a destination wedding need to provide guests with a bit more information. Consider incorporating travel details and accommodation options. This doesn’t mean overcrowding your destination wedding invitation; rather, provide the essential information beautifully integrated into the design, ensuring your destination wedding invite remains both informative and elegant.

Timing and Etiquette

Sending destination wedding invitations requires careful timing. Aim to send them out well in advance, typically three to four months before the event, to allow guests time to make travel arrangements. Including a save-the-date, possibly six to eight months prior, can also be incredibly helpful for your guests, making the destination wedding invites a crucial part of the planning process.

Personalisation and Design

Personalising your destination wedding invitation is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about making a connection with each recipient. Incorporate elements that are uniquely you, whether that’s through bespoke designs, hand-painted illustrations, or customised wording that speaks to your journey as a couple. Each detail adds a personal touch, turning every destination wedding invite into a cherished keepsake.

Emma Farwell Designs: Creating Your Dream Destination wedding Invitations

If you’re seeking a truly unique and personalised approach to your destination wedding invitation, Emma Farwell Designs offers a bespoke service that can bring your vision to life. With over 20 years of experience, Emma creates handcrafted invitations that are as unique as your wedding destination. From initial design concepts to the final touches, Emma ensures every destination wedding invite reflects the couple’s style and the spirit of their upcoming adventure.


A destination wedding is a massive occasion, and your invitations are the prologue to this incredible chapter. They should resonate with the joy, excitement, and uniqueness of your event. For those beginning this journey, remember, your destination wedding invitation is more than just paper and ink; it is the summary of your love story and the adventure that awaits.

For couples looking to create unforgettable memories starting with their destination wedding invites, Emma Farwell Designs offers the expertise, personal touch, and artistic feel needed to capture the essence of your destination wedding. Begin the journey to your dream wedding by trusting your invitations to a designer who understands the importance of every detail.

Discover more about how Emma Farwell Designs can help bring your destination wedding to life by getting in contact with Emma. Your wedding is a journey, and every journey begins with a single, beautiful step – your destination wedding invitation.


Q: How can destination wedding invites be tailored to give guests a glimpse of the wedding?

A: Destination wedding invites can be created to immerse your guests in the atmosphere of your wedding right from the start. Use imagery or illustrations that portray the destination’s landmarks, landscapes, or cultural elements. Incorporate colours and textures that reflect the locale’s atmosphere, like tropical colours for a beach wedding or earthy tones for a mountain retreat.

Q: What essential information should be included in a destination wedding invitation to ensure guests are well-prepared?

A: A destination wedding invitation should provide guests with not only the basic details of the wedding but also information specific to the location and travel arrangements. This includes the date, time, and exact location of the wedding, along with accommodation options, travel tips, and any group discounts you’ve arranged for flights or hotels.

Q: How do I make my destination wedding invite stand out and excite my guests about the travel?

A: To make your destination wedding invite truly stand out and spark excitement about the travel, focus on creating an immersive experience through your design. Use vivid, evocative imagery and creative elements like boarding pass-style invites or passport-inspired booklets that highlight the adventure ahead.

Q: What are some innovative formats that suit wedding invitations for a destination wedding?

A: Innovative formats for destination wedding invitations can include designs that mimic travel documents, such as passport-style booklets, boarding pass invitations, or luggage tag save-the-dates. These formats immediately set the tone for a travel-themed celebration and can be filled with details about the destination, the ceremony, and the festivities.

Q: How do I write beach destination wedding invitation wording?

A: Creating the perfect wording for a beach destination wedding invitation involves blending the beach setting with the personal tone of your celebration. Start with a warm invitation phrase that reflects the casual yet romantic beach atmosphere.

Q: Can you provide examples of destination wedding invite wording that balances the excitement of travel with the importance of the occasion?


  • “Pack your bags for a journey of love and laughter! Join us in [Location] as we exchange vows under the [specific local element].”
  • “We’re taking the leap and tying the knot! Board the flight and join us in [Location] for, what we hope to be, an exceptional wedding.”

Emma Farwell Designs can help you craft custom destination wedding invite wording that beautifully combines your love story with the anticipation of an unforgettable travel experience.

Q: What key information should be included in a wedding invitation for destination wedding to ensure guests are well-informed?

A: A wedding invitation for a destination wedding should include not only the basic details—such as the names of the couple, the wedding date, and the location—but also additional information critical for travel planning. This includes the nearest airport, accommodation options (possibly with a group rate code), expected attire, and any planned welcome events or group activities.

Q: What components make up a destination wedding invitation suite?

A: A destination wedding invitation suite typically includes several components that together provide a comprehensive guide to your wedding and enhance the guest experience. Beyond the main invitation, it often features an RSVP card, a detailed itinerary of events, accommodation and travel information, and a map or directions to the venue.

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